“Two On The Aisle, Three In A Van” at East Brunswick Community Players

“Two On The Aisle, Three In A Van”
by Mary Lynn Dobson

A hilarious look backstage that gives a peek behind the curtain of the theater world, detailing the experiences of a summer community theater group trying to survive the season. The action unfolds around 3 tech crew members who function as a sort of wisecracking Greek Chorus while hanging around one of the crew's van outside the theater, as various cast and crew members stop by during a performance. (website)

Performed by East Brunswick Community Players
At Playhouse 22
Performances ran
Saturday, November 1, 2003 thru Sunday, November 23, 2003
Daniel.... Patrick Lithgow
Eric.... John Dowgin Has Bio
Harriet.... Dotti Friis Has Bio
Jeannie.... Letitia D. Townes Has Bio
Jeff.... John Correll Has Bio Has photo
Meredith.... Faith Agnew-Dowgin Has Bio
Mike.... Wayne Harris Has Bio
Robin.... Danielle McMaster
Scott.... Eric Branda Has Bio
Vondo.... Greg Louis Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Mary Lynn Dobson
Produced by Jay Sundell Has Bio
Assistant Produced by Paul G. Delery
Costume Design by Jim Herrera
Costume Design by Susan Takacs Has Bio
Lighting Design by Steven Levenson
Sound Design by Peter Riga, Jr Has Bio
Stage Managed by Paul G. Delery
Assistant Stage Managed by Tracy Staley Has Bio
Set Designed by Jim Parks, Sr. Has Bio
Properties by Nancy Ashwell Has Bio