“Follow Your Heart” at Bell Production Company

“Follow Your Heart”
Book, Music & Lyrics by Michael Treni

Follow Your Heart recounts the story of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor and teacher of the deaf, and Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the Boston entrepreneur who outmaneuvered The Western Union Telegraph Company for the control of the telephone. The play explores Bell’s early work with the deaf, his romance with his student, Mabel Hubbard, and the important role she played in the invention of the telephone.

Performed by Bell Production Company
At Williams Center for the Arts
Performances ran
Friday, September 12, 2003 thru Sunday, September 14, 2003
Aleck Bell.... Ed Egan, Jr
Anthony Pollok.... Brendan Monahan
Dom Pedro/Senator 3 .... Dennis Pandolfi
Elisha Gray.... Billy Brisley
Eliza Bell/Mrs. Sanders.... Brooke Pandolfi
Gardiner Hubbard.... Jeffrey R. Dopson Has Bio Has photo
Georgie Sanders.... Ethan Holly
Gertrude Hubbard.... Rachel Mahloch
Grace Hubbard.... Corinne Fitamant
Joseph Adams/Senator 1.... Brad Sims
Mabel Hubbard.... D'Angelique Dopson
Mary Blatchford.... Tamara Valdes
Mary True.... Elissa Strell
Melville Bell/William Orton.... Paul Geidel
Miss Fuller.... Erika Jade Cintron
Mrs. Hubbard.... Erin Reik
Roberta Hubbard.... Jodie Trappe
Thomas Sanders/Senator 4.... Chuck Apel
Thomas Watson.... Sean Mulcahy
William Thompson/Senator 2.... Matt Heffernan
Directed by Lauren Moran
Lighting Design by Todd Mills
Stage Managed by Eileen Watkins
Musical Direction by Curtis McKonly