“The Man From Clare” at Celtic Theatre Company

“The Man From Clare”

Explores love and football - and what happens when the crowds stop cheering and the body won't do what the spirit tells it to do. The plot revolves around the Irish love of sports - particularly gaelic football. Keane explores the investment of a coach in his star, the irresistible challenge of an ambitious young player for his chance at fame, and finding a good heart in a plain wrapper.

Performed by Celtic Theatre Company
At SHU - Theatre-in-the-Round
Performances ran
Friday, May 23, 2003 thru Sunday, June 1, 2003
Brid.... Joanna Tavarez
Daigan.... Patrick Hughes
Elsie McDonagh.... Virginia Betleyoun
Jim Flynn.... Jim Farley
Morisheen Brick.... Mark Roger
Nellie Brick.... Maureen Hammond
Padraic O'Dea.... Joe McGlone
Pakey.... Chris Aurilio
Peter.... Peter Donahue
Directed by James P. McGlone
Scenic Design by Owen McEvoy
Lighting Design by Laurie Reader
Stage Managed by Cindy Bitowf