“The Velveteen Rabbit” at 12 Miles West Theatre Company

“The Velveteen Rabbit”
Based on the story by Margery Williams
Adapted by Jennifer Bornstein

Among the strange and wonderful toys of the nursery, a toy rabbit waits for the love of a boy.. and the chance to be real.

Performed by 12 Miles West Theatre Company
At 12 Miles West Theatre (old)
Performances ran
Saturday, December 14, 2002 thru Sunday, December 22, 2002
Alex.... Adam Carson
Dolly / Toy Fairy.... Anne Ayres
Nanny / Timothy.... Kyla Marie Mostello
Ted / Skin Horse / Rabbit #1.... Rob Sullivan
Toy Soldier / Rabbit #2 / Doctor.... Matt McCarthy Has Bio
Veleteen Rabbit.... Jennifer Crane Turner Has Bio
Directed by Jennifer Bornstein Has Bio
Produced by Kirk Woodward
Costume Design by Bunny Mateosian Has Bio
Stage Managed by Kate Fitzgerald
Set Designed by Bruce Oseland
Sound Operation by Jennifer Bornstein Has Bio