“The Last White Family on Dorchester Road” at Over The Rainbow Productions

“The Last White Family on Dorchester Road”
by M. Lennon Perricone

After a failed suicide attempt, Terry McCory a now broke and former gay porn superstar is forced to return to his boyhood home. While there he is compelled to face the demons of his past, then discovers an ominous family Secret.

Performed by Over The Rainbow Productions
At Eatontown Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, April 11, 2003 thru Sunday, April 27, 2003
Jimmy McCory.... P J Campacci
Katie McCory.... Paula Mira Has Bio
Newscaster / Mrs. Falcone.... Stephanie Evanovich
Sheila McCory.... Debbie Gulbin
Terry McCory.... Robert J. Cross
Willy Provenzano.... Jimi DeStefano
The Coach (Some Performances).... John Digaletos
The Coach (Some Performances).... Rich Le Branche
Directed by Debby Schwartz
Produced by M. Lennon Perricone Has Bio
Lighting Design by Moe Rios
Sound Design by M. Lennon Perricone Has Bio
Stage Managed by Stephanie Evanovich
Technical Direction by Moe Rios