“The Credeaux Canvas” at Attic Ensemble

“The Credeaux Canvas”
by Keith Bunin

The Credeaux Canvas focuses on Jamie, Winston, and Amelia, a trio of friends, struggling artists all, who decide raise some cash by conning a wealthy widow into buying a forged painting attributed to a little-known 19th-century French artist. The widow is convinced, presciently as it turns out, that the artist, Credeaux, is ripe for a retrospective. The plan goes horribly awry,and although the Credeaux canvas may be a fake, it tells Jamie and his friends far more about themselves than they can stand to know.

Performed by Attic Ensemble
At Barrow Mansion
Performances ran
Friday, November 15, 2002 thru Sunday, November 24, 2002
Amelia.... Leanne Barrineau
Jamie.... Rob Eigenbrod
Tess.... Patricia Elisar
Winston.... James E. Watson
Directed by Paul Zeller Has Bio
Costume Design by Judith Moss Has Bio
Lighting Design by Marie Bahr Has Bio
Sound Design by Judith Moss Has Bio
Stage Managed by Terry Dipaola
Set Designed by Mark E. Morchel Has Bio
Properties by Joanne Smith Has Bio