“Octette Bridge Club” at Bergen County Players

“Octette Bridge Club”
by P. J. Barry

The Octette Bridge Club is a sentimental comedy about eight sisters who reveal themselves in a play that describes the American way of life of a bygone era. This charming, delightfully funny play gives us a moving glimpse of the sort of lives with which we are all familiar

Performed by Bergen County Players
At Little Firehouse Theatre
Performances ran
Saturday, February 15, 2003 thru Saturday, March 8, 2003
Mary.... Fran Bohrmann
Robert Foster.... D. Gordon Braun Jr
Alice.... Rose Caporrimo
Ann.... Jean Garver
Betsy.... Leslie Darcy
Connie.... Melissa Denton
Lil.... Kelly Ann Moore
Martha.... Penny Kasper
Nora.... Diane Moran
Directed by Jerry Hurley
Assistant Directed by D. Gordon Braun Jr
Produced by Kitty Gaudenzi
Produced by Bud Stafford
Scenic Design by Richard Sasson
Costume Design by Bunny Mateosian Has Bio
Costume Design by Andrea Pieper
Lighting Design by David Ross
Sound Design by Neil Kahn
Stage Managed by D. Gordon Braun Jr
Set Décor by Ellyn Essig
Light Operation by Sandi Sonnichsen
Properties by Gordon Smith