“Popcorn” at Villagers Theatre


Set in the Beverly HIlls Home of Tarantino-style, Oscar-winning movie director Bruce Delamitri, Popcorn is a satirical comedy thriller with the firing capacity of a hit squad. When notorious killers Wayne and Scout interrupt Bruce's passionate introduction to Brooke Daniels, (nude model and actress), they want more than an autograph from their cinematic idol. Wayne intends to use Bruce's "art" as justification for murder. Events are disrupted with the arrival of Karl (Bruce's producer) and Farrah Delamitri (Bruce's soon-to-be ex-wife) with spoilt teenage daughter, Velvet. But Wayne means to succeed - whatever the cost.

Performed by Villagers Theatre
At Villagers Theatre's Black Box
Performances ran
Friday, January 10, 2003 thru Saturday, January 25, 2003
Bill.... JC Gibriano Has Bio Has photo
Brooke.... Jennifer Pellegrine
Bruce Delamitri.... Scott Bishop
Farrah Delamitri.... Patricia Idell
Karl.... Greg Louis Has Bio Has photo
Kirsten.... Jennifer Leta
Scout.... Lilli Marques
Velvet Delamitri.... Jessie-Marie Gill
Wayne Hudson.... Barrett Phelan
Directed by Michael J. Driscoll Has Bio
Produced by David Hampson Has Bio
Lighting Design by Paul Carver Has Bio
Sound Design by Michael J. Driscoll Has Bio
Sound Design by Rich Sibello Has Bio
Stage Managed by Stephanie Youngman Has Bio
Set Designed by JC Gibriano Has Bio Has photo