“The Grouch” at Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

“The Grouch”
by Menander

Don't miss a rare staging of this hilarious tale about the most miserable of all misanthropes, first performed in Greece, 317 BC, and penned by the celebrated Athenian playwright Menander.

Performed by Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
At F.M. Kirby Theater
Performances ran
Wednesday, July 24, 2002 thru Sunday, August 11, 2002
Chaireas / Donax.... Peter Husovsky Has Bio
Daos.... Robert Lanchester Has Bio
Getas.... David Foubert Has Bio Has photo
Gorgias.... Coleman Zeigan Has Bio
Kallipides.... Brian Dowd Has Bio
Knemon.... Joseph Costa Has Bio
Mother Of Sostratos / Simiche.... Corinne Edgerly Has Bio
Myrrhine.... Carole Caton Has Bio
Pan.... Joe Discher Has Bio
Parthenis / Nymph.... Maris Smith
Plangon / Nymph.... Katrina Toshiko Has Bio
Pyrrhias/ A Sheep.... Matthew Sigl Has Bio
Sikon.... James Michael Reilly Has Bio Has photo
Sostratos.... Andrew McCallum Has Bio
Syrus.... Vincent Tula
The Girl.... Erin Lynlee Partin Has Bio Has photo
Nymph.... Amanda Duffy Has Bio Has photo
Nymph.... Miriam Lamey
Servant.... Erin Denton
Servant.... Devon Graham
Servant.... Rick McKelvey
Directed by Jason King Jones Has Bio
Choreography by Magaly Roig Has Bio
Scenic Design by Fred Kinney Has Bio
Costume Design by Chelsea Harriman Has Bio
Lighting Design by Richard M. Dionne Has Bio
Stage Managed by Josiane M. Lemieux Has Bio