“How His Bride Came To Abraham” at Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey

“How His Bride Came To Abraham”
by Karen Sunde

Two young people, an Israeli Defense Forces Corporal and a Palestinian woman, are forced to spend an unforgettable evening together in a war zone. Without taking sides or casting blame, the play demonstrates that our basic instinct for life-affirming experiences can transcend hate. Playwright Sunde sees the work as a fairy tale, a tender love story set against a backdrop of the violent realities of the world where these young people meet. The first version of her script was read at Playwrights Theatre at a roundtable reading in March of 1992. The following September, a public staged reading introduced the work to local audiences. Sunde says that she had hoped that her play would be out-dated by now. But, it seems more relevant than ever.

Ticket prices: 1st Thursday preview and matinees - $18; evenings - $20

Group sales rates: 12 or more tickets @ $12; student groups - 10 or more tickets @ $10

Performed by Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey
At Playwrights Theatre
Performances ran
Thursday, May 2, 2002 thru Sunday, May 19, 2002
A Palestinian Woman.... Lana Y. Nasser Has Bio
Abraham's Grandmother.... Marilyn Bernard
An Israeli Defense Forces Corporal.... Tzahi Moskovitz Has Bio
Directed by Ken Marini Has Bio
Fight Direction by Rick Sordelet Has Bio
Costume Design by Penny Laughman Has Bio
Lighting Design by Richard Currie Has Bio
Sound Design by Jeff Knapp Has Bio Has photo
Stage Managed by Barbara Dente
Set Designed by Richard Turick
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