“The Iron Harp” at Celtic Theatre Company

“The Iron Harp”
by Joseph O'Connor

This hostage drama takes place in an old Irish mansion maintained by Michael O'Riordon, an IRA officer who was recently blinded. He lives there with his young cousin, Molloy, and his "prisoner", and English Captain named John Tregarthen. Molly and John are more than friends. But when an IRA superior informs Michael that the Black and Tans are committing atrocities and a sacrifice must be made, he faces a moral dilemma - his country or his friend.

Performed by Celtic Theatre Company
At SHU - Theatre-in-the-Round
Performances ran
Friday, January 25, 2002 thru Sunday, February 3, 2002
1st Black & Tan Soldier.... Tom Katchisin
2nd Black & Tan Soldier.... Pete Smith
Caption John Tregarthen.... Kenneth Robert Marlo
Dermot.... Michael Wnoroski
Michael O'Riordon.... Glenn Jones
Molly Kinsella.... Danielle Villella
Peter Tolly.... Patrick Hughes
Scanlon.... Rich McNanna
Sean Kelly.... Dennis Driskill
Siobahn.... Maisie Mountcastle
Directed by Deirdre Yates
Costume Design by Fred Sorrentino
Lighting Design by Laurie Reader
Stage Managed by Cindy Bitowf
Scenic Art by Owen McEvoy