“Uncommon Women and Other” at Women's Theater Company

“Uncommon Women and Other”
by Wendy Wasserstein

A collage of interrelated scenes, the action begins with a reunion, six years after graduation, of five close friends and classmates at Mount Holyoke College. They compare notes on their activities since leaving school and then, in a series of flashbacks, we see them in their college days and learn of the events, some funny, some touching, some bitingly cynical, that helped to shape them.

Performed by Women's Theater Company
At Bickford Theater
Performances ran
Thursday, November 8, 2001 thru Sunday, November 18, 2001
Carter.... Lauren Delaney
Holly Kaplan.... Janice Muller
Kate Quin.... Cailin McDonald
Leilah.... Elissa Strell
Mrs. Plumm.... Elaine Dooman
Muffet Di Nicola.... Carolyn Pasquantonio
Rita Altabel.... Gillian Sheffler
Samantha Stewart.... Melissa Connell
Susie Friend.... Amy Metroka Has Bio
Directed by Deirdre Yates
Produced by Barbara Krajkowski
Scenic Design by Lauren Moran
Costume Design by Janet Lazar Has photo
Stage Managed by Michelle Wargacki

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