“Veronica's Room” at Carnival Productions

“Veronica's Room”
by Ira Levin

A spooky psychological thriller.

Show only: $12, $10 students & senior citizens. Dinner-and-Show:Friday & Saturday nights: $27 Luncheon-and-Show :Sunday & Saturday matinees: $22. Buffet-and-Show:Thursday night : $22

Performed by Carnival Productions
At El Bodegon Restaurant and Dinner Theater
Performances ran
Friday, October 23, 1998 thru Saturday, October 31, 1998
The Girl.... Lisa Alfred
The Man.... Lee Wittenberg Has Bio
The Woman.... Eileen Hladky Has Bio
The Young Man.... Mark Szabo Has Bio
Directed by Bill VanSant Has Bio Has photo
Produced by Wendy Cinquanta Has Bio Has photo
Produced by John Marinko Has Bio
Stage Managed by Daynon Blevins Has Bio