“Nuts” at Somerset Valley Players

by Tom Topor

A special psychochiatric hearing begins in a bellvue Hospital courtroom. A young woman and her attorney fight for her right to be judged mentally competent to stand trail for manslaughter. Separating her from her chance at freedom is a conspiracy of sorts: Procsecutor, psychiatrist and parents with motives to conceal their daughter's past as well as her current lifestyle.

Performed by Somerset Valley Players
At Somerset Valley Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, July 20, 2001 thru Sunday, August 5, 2001
Aaron Levinsky.... Marc Stephen Bacher
Arthur Kirk.... John P. Devennie
Claudia Faith Draper.... Angela Corrigan Has photo
Court Reporter.... Brenda Foy
Dr. Herbert Rosenthal.... Patrick Carpenter Has Bio Has photo
Franklin Macmillan.... Tom Prickett
Judge Murdoch.... Norm Halvorsen
Office Harry Haggerty.... Andrew Matsew
Rose Kirk.... Helen Stafford
Directed by Jak Prince Has Bio
Produced by Stacy Bain
Lighting Design by Jak Prince Has Bio
Stage Managed by Maude Labowski
Set Designed by Jak Prince Has Bio

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