“The Seven Year Itch” at First Avenue Playhouse

“The Seven Year Itch”
by George Alexrod

Richard Sherman roams restlessly around his empty apartment, bemoaning the fact that his wife of seven years, and their son, have just walked out on him. Then, without warning, a gigantic flower pot tumbles down from an over-head balcony, nearly putting him permanently out of his misery. The jarring event has a strange effect on Richard. He now sees his marriage as wasted time, and feels it necessary to exercise his libido as quickly as possible. Suddenly reborn, he invites the delectable doll who lives on the floor above down for an evening of temptation. The night doesn’t quite go the way he thought it would, as morality and guilt sneak into his head. In his conscience -- literally following him about the apartment -- a soul-struggle of heroic and hilarious proportions ensues.

Performed by First Avenue Playhouse
At First Avenue Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, September 7, 2001 thru Saturday, September 29, 2001
Dr. Brubaker.... Joseph Simonelli Has Bio
Elaine.... Joanna Burns
Helen Sherman.... Linda Martin
Marie Whatever-her-name-is.... Emilia Martin
Miss Morris.... Kaitlin Wright
Richard Sherman.... David J. Cruse
Ricky.... Nicholas Kellogg
The Girl.... Kim Tilley Has Bio
Tom Mackenzie.... James Walsh
Directed by Paul Kellogg Has Bio
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