“Plaza Suite” at Players Theater Company

“Plaza Suite”
by Neil Simon

This comedy consists of three seperate plays that all occur in the same hotel suite. In 'Visitor from Mamaroneck', a middle-aged couple revisit their honeymoon hotel room but things do not end as romantically as you might expect. In 'Visitor from Hollywood', two old flames meet and demonstrate what can happen under the influence of repeating magic Hollywood names. The last play, 'Visitor from the Hills' tells of a father, mother and their daughter who locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out for her wedding.

Performed by Players Theater Company
At First Congregational Church of Park Ridge
Performances ran
Monday, May 11, 1998 thru Monday, May 11, 1998
Bellhop / Waiter.... Eric Melniczek
Jean.... Debbie Scanlon
Jessie Kiplinger.... Rick Borelli
Karen Nash.... Deborah McGarrity
Muriel Tate.... Carol Fisher Has Bio Has photo
Norma Hubley.... Maureen Zilles Has Bio
Roy Hubley.... John Zilles Has Bio
Sam Nash.... Tim Baird
Directed by Bill C. Fikaris Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Bob McKinley
Directed by Rosann Pellegrino Has Bio Has photo
Lighting Design by Sandy Mortan Has Bio
Sound Design by Bill C. Fikaris Has Bio Has photo
Stage Managed by Jerry Hurley
Set Designed by Sandy Mortan Has Bio
Properties by Rue Abdelhak

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