“Meshugah” at McCarter Theatre

by Emily Mann
Based on the story by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Set in the 1950s on Manhatten's Upper West Side, Meshugah is a tragic-comic portait of the community of recent Jewish emigres living in the wake of the Holocaust. When Aaron Greidinger, a struggling novelist and advice columnist, falls in love with the beatuiful mistress of a friend from his Warsaw past, dark secrets and bizarre twists threaten to break up the unusual romance.

Emily Mann brings to swirling theaterical life Singer's poignant love story of lost souls in a world gone meshugah.

Performed by McCarter Theatre
At McCarter Theatre
Performances ran
Tuesday, October 20, 1998 thru Sunday, November 8, 1998
(Ensemble).... David Chandler Has Bio
Directed by Emily Mann Has Bio Has photo