“Rapunzel” at Old Library Theatre


A funny, pointed and tongue-in-cheek retelling of an old time favorite, Rapunzel does more than have fun with a classic mix of Prince, long-haired beauty and witch. This is a seriously funny tale of a possessive mother, tentative Prince Charming, and a strong-willed, but naive, young girl, all of whom grow up in some surprising ways during the course of the tale.

Performed by Old Library Theatre
At Old Library Theatre
Performances ran
Saturday, February 9, 2002 thru Sunday, February 24, 2002
Ensemble.... Glenn Chocky
Ensemble.... Christine O'Donnell Has Bio
Ensemble.... Peg Peet
Ensemble.... Dan Reed Has Bio
Ensemble.... Thomas Winkler Has Bio
Ensemble.... Bill Zarro
Directed by Dawn Wilczynski Has Bio
Stage Managed by Pamela Wilczynski
Musical Direction by Mary Wilczynski