“Night of January 16th” at Old Library Theatre

“Night of January 16th”
by Ayn Rand

The audience decides “who dun-it” in this interactive courtroom melodrama by Ayn Rand. The play focuses on the events that occurred on the night of January 16th, when a prominent businessman falls or is pushed to his death. His mistress is now on trial for his murder, but it seems that no one has the answers to what happened that night. It’s up to the audience members playing the jury to decide the ending of the play! (Two endings are possible)

Performed by Old Library Theatre
At Old Library Theatre
Performances ran
Saturday, September 29, 2001 thru Sunday, October 14, 2001
Court Clerk Kate Harris.... Audrey Ann Monaco Has Bio
Defense Attorney Stevens.... Maxine Pascal Has Bio
District Attorney Flint.... Nathalie Yafet Has Bio
Dr. Kirkland.... Pat LaRocco Has Bio
Elmer Sweeney.... Kelly Granberg Has Bio
Homer Van Fleet.... Mike LaRocco Has Bio
Ingrid Jungquist.... Antoinette Nerli Has Bio
James Chandler.... Pete Kopec Has Bio
John Graham Whitfield.... Rick Pascal Has Bio
John Hutchins.... Thomas Winkler Has Bio
Judge Heath.... Nancy Carmody Has Bio
Karen Andre.... Dawn Wilczynski Has Bio
Lawrence "guts" Regan.... Greg Brancaccio Has Bio Has photo
Magda Svenson.... Eva Goodman Has Bio Has photo
Nancy Lee Faulkner.... Claudia Kalinowski Has Bio
Directed by Dan Reed Has Bio
Produced by Milan Nair Zarro
Costume Design by Pat LaRocco Has Bio
Lighting Design by Claudia Kalinowski Has Bio
Set Designed by Dan Reed Has Bio